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What is SkippyPost?

SkippyPost is an Australian-based international parcel delivery network. It is a smart solution for shipping goods from Australia, especially for books and related items. SkippyPost utilises a range of freight partners, both domestic and international, to offer great rates and reliability.

It is the international freight shipping system built and used by BiblioQuest International Pty Ltd, Australia's leading specialist book search service since 1994 and is built on many years experience of importing and exporting books internationally.

Who Can Use SkippyPost?

Anyone sending parcels can register and use SkippyPost. SkippyPost was initially created in response to the impact on booksellers of Australia Post withdrawing its Economy Air ParcelPost service in 2006 and we see booksellers and eBay traders as core customer groups. SkippyPost is most cost efficient when used by those sending at least several parcels to overseas destinations in the one mailing shipment.

How Reliable is SkippyPost?

SkippyPost makes the most of the deregulated market for international parcels to find great rates but we realise that getting your parcel safely to the destination is paramount. Once your SkippyPost parcels are lodged through the global mail hubs they are then generally delivered by the major postal authority in the destination country. For example, US Post in the United States, Royal Mail in the United Kingdom, NZ Post in New Zealand etc.

Like the former Economy Air Mail Parcel service offered by Australia Post, your mail may take a little longer to arrive but the cost-savings usually more than make up for that factor. In many cases, there will be little difference in mailing times to the destination once the item has been received and processed by the SkippyPost Shipping Centre.

SkippyPost offers optional cover for loss/damage at reasonable rates as well as a Proof of Postage certificate for a small fee. For full trackability we suggest you use our SkippyTracker service for complete online tracking. SkippyTracker rates can be calculated on the Rate Calculator page.

SkippyPost observes customer confidentiality and the privacy laws governing Australian commerce and also subscribes to the time-honoured conventions of drop-shipping. Any data provided to the SkippyPost system is only used for the purposes of shipping to the designated address. This is a firm principle of BiblioQuest International's involvement with the SkippyPost shipping network and that undertaking is extended to all members. No email address or customer data is shared with any third-party other than for the purpose of delivering freight.

How Much Can I Save with SkippyPost?

Check the Rate Estimator tab above for a rate comparison based on a specific country and weight. We think you will be pleasantly surprised as savings generally range upwards from 15%-20% to almost 60% on alternative air mail options.

As of 4th September 2006, Australia Post withdrew its Economy Air Mail Parcel service citing falling demand, pricing pressures, customer preferences and product development opportunities. SkippyPost has filled a need in the market for many online traders who still needed an economy service.

Each consolidated SkippyPost shipment box you send can contain up to 32 parcel items and be a maximum weight of 20kg. There is a Shipment Processing Fee of $8.00 per shipment box but that is more than offset by a Bulk Ship Discount that is applied on an increasing sliding scale for sending 3 or more parcel items in the one shipment. These items counting toward the Bulk Ship Discount can also include books being shipped to fulfill BibliOZ and Alibris orders, and so the savings can add up to $32.

Essentially the biggest savings come from shipping more parcel items in the one shipment up to our declared maximums. Please note, as these are exports, no GST is applicable on the SkippyPost international economy air parcel service.

Obviously international freight rates are subject to change, especially with the fluctuating price of fuel and related costs in the current market. Our commitment is to keep rates low and to give SkippyPost members at least 1 month's notice of proposed changes so that you can adjust your own prices in advance of sales to your customers.

How Do I Use SkippyPost?

Once you have registered as a user and your account has been approved, the process for creating a SkippyPost shipment is simple.

After logging in at you enter basic details of the parcel items being sent in a SkippyPost shipment and print individual address labels.

Once all the parcel items are entered, you can obtain an indicative all-inclusive cost to get the shipment to SkippyPost and the individual parcel items to their respective country destinations. It is necessary that you enter individual approx weights - they are needed for your Customs form - even though we verify the precise weight at the SkippyPost Shipping Centre for you. But we do ask that your computer printer be of a reasonable standard as our system makes use of barcode scanning for greater efficiency and parcel tracking.

You then print a label for the shipment box and follow the instructions for dispatching it to SkippyPost via our Reply Paid service through Australia Post.

At the SkippyPost Shipping Centre your shipment is scanned on delivery and an email sent to notify you of the shipment receipt and processing. When the parcel items are weighed with Trade-Approved digital scales to determine final pricing rounded to the nearest 10g, then this information is also updated instantly in your online SkippyPost account.

You can also then track your freight's lodgement into our international delivery system and receive optional online acknowledgment by the recipient.

Payment is via Credit Card. Your card is not debited until your shipment is received and processed at our SkippyPost Shipping Centre.

More to Come For SkippyPost Members

SkippyPost continues to look for ways to add even more value to its service. For example, a Proof of Postage Certificate was introduced that provides an independent third-party verification of an item being sent to a specific address. SkippyPost is actively seeking external investment partners to enhance its offering for our customers.

Hop in now to create your free SkippyPost account and get the jump on your competition.